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{April 9, 2010}   my debu

Debu are newly returned from 12 days in Tehran,the capitol of Iran,


4 nights of shows were scheduled at The Great Hall.


See all the pics,here-

DEBU in Iran

They have never sounded better,the newest songs are breathtaking,

“Emshab” in particular,which haunts me still,in the nicest way,is a Persian version of the song known as “Este Noche” in Spanish,(See earlier blog)- meaning “Tonight”..a love song-the best I have ever heard-over many years of enjoying both Debu’s music and all the rest from many genres.

Close your eyes and listen…..Then tell him what you think……

The Best Song…”.EMSHAB”

Mustafa has his own blog about Iran..He should do this more often !!!!

Mustafa talks about HIS view of the experience

Only minutes before our opening night,a message comes our permit has been canceled.

Tehran Times report

It seems this has happened to other artists visiting the country,but how it all resolved was remarkable,to say the least….

Two days after most of us left,Mustafa,Leyla and Naseem met with the President,

who expressed sadness Debu could not perform,invited us back and told Mustafa he enjoyed our music,and wanted to attend a show !

Interview with Mustafa

It seems the Gov. department responsible for voiding the permit is under scrutiny,not least because the TV interview with Mustafa,to promote the shows got a record 4 thou call per minute,and the President contacted us to tell us he wanted Debu to play…but the ministers held out.

So…. we shot video clips for Dubai TV,visited beautiful Isfahan,met a variety of amazing people,many who greeted us on the street,having seen the TV interview,and came home.

For a tour where we played no live shows,it has to be judged a success-if only for the numbers of people news about Debu reached.

Debu plans to return in 6 weeks as part of our first world tour,visiting Iran.,Dubai,Canada,France,Uk,Morocco…amongst other places.

I will keep updating as info comes in,and have more photos to upload to the

‘Iran” album.


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